Our Vending Equipment for Pittsburgh and the surrounding Tri-State area.

Coffee Vending Machines

This equipment will vend “bean ground” coffee, whipped hot chocolate, decaffeinated coffee, cappuccino and other flavored products. Products can be dispensed in 2 different cup sizes, or in your “mug”.

Cold Food Vending Machines

This equipment will be stocked with selections of breakfast items, sandwiches, dinner platters, salads, desserts and fruits. All healthy choice and low fat items will be clearly marked with our“Wise Choice” labels. All “Wise Choice” items have nutritional content clearly marked on each label. The appropriate condiments and cutlery are provided for each item served.

Snack and Pastry Vending Machines

We only use nationally advertised products in your snack vending machines. Each will be kept stocked with fresh pastry, candy, and potato chips, as well as no fat & low fat items. All healthy choice items will be clearly marked and easily visible with “Green Product Spirals”.

Glass Front Bottle Drop Machine 

This equipment is capable of dispensing up to 32 selections of 16 oz. and 20 oz. cold drink products to include soda, specialty sports drinks, flavored and vitamin waters, bottled teas and juices as well as specialty drinks such as, Red Bull, Gatorade etc. The “Robotic Arm” delivers the product to a convenient location for pick up.

The above equipment will accept cash, coin, credit, and debit cards.

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