Our Market

What is a Micro-market?

  • A convenience store set-up without a cashier behind the counter.
  • Formally defined, a micro market is a custom designed vending market or mart with a self-checkout kiosk
  • One that provides freshly prepared lunches, healthy snacks and drinks that employees can purchase.

How it works!

  • Simply put, customers check themselves out, and have hundreds of product options to choose from.
  • Patrons select the items they want from a variety of familiar racks and merchandisers, and bring them to a self-checkout touchscreen kiosk.
  • This guides them through the checkout process.
  • It recognizes each item, displays the prices and the total, and accepts payment.
  • The kiosk is equipped with an optical scanner that reads UPC barcodes on each product.
  • Patrons can pay with their debit, credit card, or a Market Card we provide to all of the employees.
  • Patrons can add value to the cards at the kiosk that accepts cash, debit, or credit cards.
  • You can look at your account from a computer at home and see what products you spent your money on, how many calories, etc..

If you’d liike to see why people are choosing Micro-markets over conventional vending, please call us at (800) 826-3961.