Customized Micro Markets in Pittsburgh PA

Studies show employee morale is a key contributor to employee productivity. At Cee Vee Vending recognize our ability to impact the workplace on a daily basis with our innovative micro markets. These customizable markets provide a larger selection, fit in limited space and provide a hassle-free experience.

One of the latest workplace innovations, a micro market serves as an automated convenience store, combining the convenience of traditional vending with the food selection of a full-service cafeteria. As a client-oriented food service company, we design and introduce these unique marketplaces specifically with your employees’ needs and preferences in mind. With nearly endless food options available, your staff is sure to enjoy an impressive selection of freshly prepared lunches, healthy snacks, and drinks that are sure to satisfy any taste. You continually have a full selection, as items in the market are continually restocked and less popular items can easily be exchanged for a more desirable product.

How Does a Micro Market Work?

Fitting your business with one of our micro markets can be likened to creating a convenience store setup without requiring a cashier behind the counter. Though the aesthetic and choice of products may vary between workplaces, the process of using a self-checkout vending machine market remains the same.

Employees select from a wide variety of food, drink, and snack options. After they’ve made their selection, a user-friendly kiosk will guide them through the checkout process. The kiosk will register each item, display the total, and accept payment. Patrons have the options of paying with their credit or debit card or a refillable market card that we provide.

The Benefits of Installing a Micro Market

As more and more businesses across the country fit their establishments with micro markets, they continue to benefit employers and employees alike. Investing in this alternative food service solution offers several benefits, some of which include:

  • Access to Fresh Food Without Having to Leave the Workplace
  • A Wider Variety of Food and Drink Options
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Increased Workplace Productivity

Not only will your employees enjoy eating in the workplace, but they can also easily monitor their purchases and their nutritional intake via their market accounts. Employees can review their accounts from their home computer or smartphone and reference any purchases made, making it easy to track money spent and calories consumed. Call our specialists and see why so many employers are choosing micro markets over conventional vending today

Contact us for a no-obligation evaluation of your vending potential. Based in Darlington, Pennsylvania, we proudly serve clients in Pittsburgh and throughout the Tri-State area.