Energize Your Workplace with Office Coffee Service in Pittsburgh, PA Area

Coffee has become a staple in any workplace and our coffee experts know just how to provide your facility with the best solution. At Cee Vee Vending our goal is to combine the right brewers with a selection of high quality coffee based on your office’s unique taste.

Enjoy Our Free Taste Survey

Every office has a unique palate and we have developed our own system for discovering your coffee preferences. Call Cee Vee Vending today to schedule a free taste sampling survey. As part of our tasting survey we allow your office to sample a variety of fresh brewed coffees and vote on their favorites. Our coffee experts use the data to develop a unique profile and coffee inventory that provides a morale boosting benefit for you and your staff.

Keeping Our Clients' Facilities Clean and Well Stocked

Not only will we place large-scale custom and conventional coffee brewers at our customers' facilities, but we'll also maintain them at no charge. When you partner with us, your appointed account representative will perform the following services:

  • Clean Your Equipment
  • Exchange Coffee Pots
  • Maintain a Well-Stocked Product Inventory
  • Provide Samples of New and Seasonal Products
  • Provide National-Brand, Private Label, and Local Coffees

We've made it our mission to provide our clients with state-of-the-art commercial brewers  as well as single-serve cup coffee machines. Offering the latest technology in bean-to-cup coffee brewing, when you turn to our company, you and your staff will have everything you need to enjoy the best in fresh-brewed taste.

Purified Water and Beverage Delivery Service

Are you tired of lifting those heavy water jugs?  We also offer water purification units in several different models to ensure our clients' always have clean, pure water to drink or use. Our units are available with cold and hot water dispensers, meaning they can provide either cold, hot or room temperature water at the push of a button. If you wish to conserve space, we have several countertop units available as well.

We also offer beverage delivery services to ensure your facility is well-stocked with a bountiful arrangement of refreshments. The beverage products that we carry include all national brand carbonated beverages, energy drinks, sport drinks, 100% juice and juice products as well as a wide variety of teas and water.

Whether you need accommodations for large-scale business meetings or special corporate events, we're sure to have something for customers of every taste and preference. To browse a complete list of our products, click the shop button.

Contact us for a free trial of our coffee and beverage service. Based in Darlington Pennsylvania, we proudly serve clients in Pittsburgh and throughout the Tri-State area.