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Large professional kitchen

What is a Commissary?

A commissary is an established commercial kitchen where foodservice providers can prepare and store their food. Some commissaries cater to specific outlets, such as food trucks, and others rent out their kitchen space for additional income.

Commissaries are incredibly convenient, especially for smaller businesses or those looking to offer a micro market where there is not suitable cafeteria space. These kitchens allow chefs and foodservice companies to have the area they need to prepare their menu items correctly. The larger space also allows for more extensive and better equipment, so higher quality foods can be prepped.

At Cee Vee Vending, our Pittsburgh commissary produces high-quality food options for businesses throughout the tri-state area. We allow companies to offer micro markets, full-meal vending services, and so much more to their employees and guests. We prepare a large variety of items that will satisfy anyone’s food preference and help them stay energized throughout their workday.

We guarantee that you and your staff will enjoy all of the food options we bring to your business. If you are interested in testing our products for yourself, contact Cee Vee Vending at (800) 826-3961 to schedule a sampling. The FDA has inspected all of our products, and we are certified in food-safety to ensure you receive only the best quality food and drink.