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Boost Your Business with Micro Markets

vendor in Pittsburgh, PASomething as small and easy to install as a micro market can have a significant impact on your business. This is because such convenient access to food and drink options makes it easy for workers to focus on their jobs, rather than running out at odd times when they need a snack or meal. Talk to a vendor in Pittsburgh, PA, about how such an option can be good for your business.

There are several ways an employer can show their workers they are valued. Some of them do not cost very much money at all. This is the case with a micro market, which more and more business operations are installing in the workplace.

These self-serve food kiosks provide a variety of options for employees. When everyone is health-conscious, you can choose micro markets that cater to this crowd, filling the kiosks with nutritious options such as salads and wraps. Alternatively, you can mix it up and have some of both healthy options and the traditional favorites you find in vending machines.

You may well have a cafeteria at your business building, but you probably do not keep it open 24/7. With micro markets, your employees can get a meal or snack whenever they want and feeling energized; they can turn their attention to work.

Call our vendor in Pittsburgh, PA, to install a micro market. Such amenities offer convenience to workers who are too busy to leave work for a meal.

Micro Markets – A Better Way to Eat Today

food vendors Pittsburgh PAAs a business owner, you want to keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive. One easy way to do with is by installing a micro market from food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA. This is not the same as a vending machine. A micro market consists of food kiosks offering healthy and abundant options of everything from wraps to salads to snacks and beverages. You might think of such a market offering much more than a vending machine, but less than a convenience store.

A micro market provides convenient access to quality food right in the workplace, and it is all self-serve. No one has to leave the office because they forgot their lunch or do not have time to go out for a meal or snack. Instead, a micro market is just a few steps away.

Traditional vending machines cannot offer a variety of fresh and wholesome foods that a micro market can. These days, almost everyone is working to improve his or her health so; this alternative is a most welcome choice. A micro market responds to the demand for healthier food options for people in general. Also, it is only good business to supply that demand in the workplace where people spend at least eight hours of their day.

Choose healthy options for your employees from our food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA. You can get a micro market installed, one that has healthy food.

Everything You Need to Know about Full-Service Vending

Man holding the coffee cup to beverage machineHungry employees are unhappy, unproductive employees. Ensure your worker can always get the fuel they need to keep busy by adding full-service vending to your business. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this convenient food and beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA, for your team.

With vending machines on-site, your employees never have to go far to find a filling breakfast, quick lunch, or afternoon snack. Furthermore, it never takes long either — all they have to do is make their selection, pay, and go.

The snack and drink options for vending are near limitless, ranging from pastries and sweets to fruit, sandwiches, and low-fat choices. You can consult with the supplier to determine what to carry based on employee input until there is something for everyone.

What businesses appreciate most about full-service vending is how convenient it is for management. With full-service vending, the supplier handles everything. The supplier purchases and stocks the food and drinks, they collect the cash, and they maintain the machine.

However, not every property qualifies for full-service vending. Why? Most suppliers expect a certain level of customer traffic. If the sales volume is not sufficient, the products may expire, costing the supplier money. To find out if full-service vending would do well at your business, talk to a vending company.

Find out how our vending food and beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA, benefits your employees with help from Cee Vee Vending. We provide full-service vending for offices and more.

How to Prevent Vending Machine Vandalism

Used cans of spray-paintThe main advantage of vending machines is that they are accessible to nearly everyone. However, accessibility also makes them vulnerable to vandalism. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ward off destruction to your vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA.

First, you should install the machine in a highly visible area. Most vandals are not bold enough to deface or damage something when other people are around or could be watching. Wide-open, brightly lit communal spaces are usually the best spots to place a vending machine.

On that note, security cameras are a worthwhile investment. Depending on whether you manage a business, apartment complex, or another type of property, you may have to check local codes and get approval from ownership before installing cameras. If you get the all-clear, security cameras are an excellent deterrent for would-be vandals and thieves. Furthermore, even if someone vandalizes the vending machine, you will have footage to find the criminal and press charges if appropriate.

Finally, if you have severe, ongoing problems with vandalism, consider getting a security cage for your vending machine. These cages enclose the machine from top to bottom, while allowing access to its essential functions like payment, product selection, and vending. While these security cages are not aesthetically pleasing, they will prevent costly damage to your property.

Protect your vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA, from vandalism by following our tips. Talk to our food services team for more ideas on deterring vandals.

Should You Use Vending Machines or a Market in Your Hotel?

Clean and modern hotel lobbyIf your hotel does not have snacks for sale, you may be missing out when it comes to two of the most critical factors for your success: opportunities for profit and solutions for guest satisfaction. After all, who wants to have to leave the building when the mid-day or late-night cravings set in? With today’s technology, you do not need to blow a ton of cash on expensive in-house restaurants or potentially dubious partnerships. Several options are quick, simple, and easy to manage, including:

  • Commissary Services
  • Micro Markets
  • Vending Devices

With the right company, you can supply a wide range of popular snack and beverage choices for your guests and enjoy the extra cash source with no need to employ additional staff or radically reorient your approach to business. All the while, you also improve the experience of staying at your hotel by making sure that light hunger never leads to less time spent enjoying your amenities.

The best part? You can customize the service you choose to suit your needs. Consider the space you have available, the kinds of guests who stay with you, and how much of an investment you want to make. Then, explore services that range from a fully stocked market area to a single vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA.

Own a hotel and considering a vending machine or market in Pittsburgh, PA? Contact Cee Vee Vending to see the best return on your investment.

Top 3 Beverages You Should Be Providing Employees

Woman using a modern vending machineThe little things often make a difference to great employees. One small but essential way to build tea morale and create a modern, enjoyable work environment is with a beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA. However, how do you know what to serve? Here are our top three choices when you want the best blend of enjoyment and engagement:

  • Coffee – Few beverages are as iconic or time-tested as the classic cup of Joe. This caffeine-packed and customizable option is sure to lend a fresh, vibrant buzz to any office. Also, a crowd pleaser is likely to be one of the biggest requests from your team.
  • Soda – For those that need their caffeine fix with a cool, crisp set of flavors to choose from, a soda machine is a perfect solution. Another popular choice in any environment, no beverage offering is complete without a little carbonation.
  • Health Options – From pure, cold water to sports drinks and fruit juice, having something healthy on the list of offerings creates an inclusive environment for anyone counting calories or cutting out caffeine. Also, the extra variety means that employees can keep enjoying your provided beverages without risking boredom.

Make the most of your beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA, by contacting Cee Vee Vending at (800) 826-3961. These three drinks are the best options to keep employees happy and productive.

Food Vendors Help You Offer Quality Food to Employees

These days, it seems that everyone is operating with some dietary restriction, whether imposed by themself or a doctor. Plus, there are so many different types of food available to us that people have specific preferences when it comes to meals or snacks. This makes it a big challenge for employers to meet the diverse wants and needs of their employees. However, it can be done with the help of the right food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA.

Man’s hand with coffee at a vending machineYou want to keep your employees healthy, happy, and well fed. To do that requires providing enough options to give your workers choices about their meals and snacks while in the office or warehouse. When shopping for food vendors, look for those who provide service and selection. For instance, how about these?

Custom Micro Market: This option offers a wide variety of fresh and prepared food and beverages with the convenience of vending and selection of a small store.

Commissary: Open-front vending machines stocked with freshly prepared food take the place of a cafeteria, offering selection, cost-effectiveness, and quality.

Vending Machine Options: From coffee to soft drinks to pastries and candy bars, more than one vending machine is necessary at any location to keep your employees fed and hydrated.

For more information about these options and more, contact us at Cee Vee Vending, Inc.

The Options Coming from a Vending Machine Matter

Sometimes, a vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA, is all your employees have to get a snack or beverage through the day. They are busy and pressed for time, but they do need a pick-me-up to complete the rest of their work for the day.

With this in mind, employers like you want to ensure the vending machines in the breakroom are well-stocked with a variety of foods. Of course, soft drinks, potato chips, and candy bars are what people expect out of a vending service. However, these items are suitable for a quick boost of energy, but afterward, they can leave employees feeling worse than before. These days, certain companies are offering selections with reduced calories and less sugar or alternatives to sugar. They are also giving their workers plenty of opportunities to choose healthy food.

You cannot ignore the messages about the lack of food value in the meals and snacks we eat. There also are many warnings about the supersizing of the population. As a company that has been providing vending for decades, Cee Vee Vending, Inc. wants to work with you to offer wholesome food for your employees to enjoy. With the ready availability of healthy snacks, your workers can make better choices.

It is possible for a vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA, to be filled with wholesome food. Reach out to us today for a wide variety of healthy vending options.

Keep Your Employees Alert with Coffee Service Options

Coffee pot and latteWith so many vending options on the market, there is no reason why you should not offer coffee service to your employees. As an office staple, many people rely on coffee to keep their energy and spirits up throughout the busy workday. Below are just some of the options you can offer for your staff.

Traditional Brewers

If you have many people frequenting the breakroom, a traditional brewer could be a great option. A high-quality industrial brewer, sturdy cups, and adequate flavoring options could improve employee productivity and morale on the job.

Single-Cup Options

If a traditional brewer does not offer enough variety, you can invest in a single-cup beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA. Everyone can choose the flavor they want, and the machines do not have to be maintained nearly as often.

Brand Specifics

Many people are into specific brands of coffee, and the brand can make or break your staff’s opinion of the services. Select a brand of coffee that is delicious and has a positive impact on your employees. You can even survey to see which brands are most popular around the office.

If you are interested in offering coffee service to your employees, contact Cee Vee Vending today at (800) 826-3961.

Lunch Break Options Offered by Vending Machines

A hand pushing a button on the vending machineIn a busy work environment, it is not always easy for employees to have a sit-down meal for their lunch. Some days are so crazy that they may not even have time for anything other than what is in the vending machine. To ensure your employees are adequately fueled throughout their day, offering exceptional vending services is critical.

When you are searching for local vending companies, Cee Vee Vending offers many different options for you to choose. All of our prepared food options are made with quality ingredients so you can ensure you are providing the food employees need to get their work done. Below are just some of the choices we offer.


Yes, our vending machines can hold a variety of satisfying sandwiches for your company. Our prepared food machines are refrigerated and regularly restocked to guarantee freshness with every bite. We also cater to a variety of different eating preferences, so if your team is full of vegetarians, we can provide suitable options for them.


Our vending services also provide many different salads to give a more low-carb friendly option. All of our salads are packaged for ultimate freshness so you can ensure quality food is offered for your company. We have many options to choose from, and we can change our menu as frequently as you need.