How to Prevent Vending Machine Vandalism

Used cans of spray-paintThe main advantage of vending machines is that they are accessible to nearly everyone. However, accessibility also makes them vulnerable to vandalism. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ward off destruction to your vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA.

First, you should install the machine in a highly visible area. Most vandals are not bold enough to deface or damage something when other people are around or could be watching. Wide-open, brightly lit communal spaces are usually the best spots to place a vending machine.

On that note, security cameras are a worthwhile investment. Depending on whether you manage a business, apartment complex, or another type of property, you may have to check local codes and get approval from ownership before installing cameras. If you get the all-clear, security cameras are an excellent deterrent for would-be vandals and thieves. Furthermore, even if someone vandalizes the vending machine, you will have footage to find the criminal and press charges if appropriate.

Finally, if you have severe, ongoing problems with vandalism, consider getting a security cage for your vending machine. These cages enclose the machine from top to bottom, while allowing access to its essential functions like payment, product selection, and vending. While these security cages are not aesthetically pleasing, they will prevent costly damage to your property.

Protect your vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA, from vandalism by following our tips. Talk to our food services team for more ideas on deterring vandals.