Taking Precautions with Food at Work in a COVID-19 World

Pittsburgh CommissaryAnyone that has been by a Pittsburgh commissary for a bite to eat at work recently knows that it’s not as easy to feel safe as it used to be. With a global pandemic to worry about, employees who can’t work from home and the businesses that support them have to be cautious when it comes to frequent-use areas like the company commissary. Still, nutritious meals are a critical part of keeping crews of essential workers ready to meet today’s economic challenges. Here are a few ways to take precautions and encourage safety in eating areas:


Clean Frequently — As with everything else, the best defense against COVID-19 is diligence. Vending areas are high-touch by nature, but regular cleaning keeps them free from germ buildup.


Enforce Safety-First Policies — For businesses, it’s vital to have strong policies in place to protect themselves and their teams. From handwashing to mask use, you can protect your commissary and the people who use it by prioritizing sanitary practices in the workplace.


Partner with the Right Vendors — From cashless machines to trusted providers who take their own precautions when supplying food, having the right vending company on your side can make all the difference in employee confidence.