The Vending Machine Accessories You Should Consider Adding

Vending Machine Card ReaderAll vending machines are convenient, but some are more convenient than others, thanks to special features. Here are some of the must-have accessories for drink and food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA.


Credit Card and Mobile Wallet Readers


It’s true: in the year 2020, many vending machines still don’t accept credit cards, let alone mobile payments. If your machines are still cash and coin only, you’re not serving a significant portion of your population. A survey by U.S. Bank found that 50% of respondents carry cash less than half of the time they are out. Millennials are especially likely to rely on credit and debit cards or digital payments through phone apps.


Bill Validators


At the same time, drink and food vendors can’t abandon cash and coin payments just yet. A bill validator is one of the most important components of a vending machine and also one of the most likely to act up or break down. If you find that your validator consistently rejects legal tender, it’s time to replace it so that people can keep getting the snacks they want. To get the most use, upgrade to a validator that can accept higher bills rather than just $1 and $5.


Coin and Bill Changers


Finally, your machine needs to be able to make change. The good news is that if your changer breaks, you’ll hear about it quickly from customer complaints. Make sure your changer can integrate well with the rest of your drink or food vendors’ components to avoid difficulties during the installation.