Top Vending Trends of 2020

Vending TrendsVending isn’t a new business, but new technology and worldwide trends make it one that’s always in flux. That’s especially true in a year where worldwide changes to how people live, work, and eat have drastically shifted the economic and cultural landscape. Smart food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA, know that staying on top of opportunities in the industry is the only way to grow in a time marked by adversity. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends impacting the market today:


IoT Technology — Part of an ever-growing list of new technological capabilities, “internet of things” systems connect vending machines and the companies that manage them through complex networks of digital information that help with tracking and reporting.


Expanded Choice — From new brands breaking into the market to diet-specific options that dominate health-conscious consumer bases, it’s more important than ever to give customers more to choose from so that they see your vending operation as a source of both quality and convenience.


COVID-19 Changes — Vending has been hit hard by the sudden prevalence of work-from-home arrangements and limits on public travel. One place where many companies see the potential for growth is vending in healthcare facilities. Marketing to these locations is an excellent way to keep cash flows for food vendors positive during the pandemic.