Popular Coffee Trends of 2020

Dalgona CoffeeCoffee has endearingly been referred to as a source of salvation when it comes to students, late-night workers, and honestly anyone who wakes up early in the morning. The hard times of 2020 have not deterred our society’s love of coffee, and that is all the better as it gives way to the most popular coffee trends of the year. Cee Bee Vending Inc. prides itself on giving people access to their favorite drinks with our popular beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA.


The Coffee List


If we’re talking about the most popular coffee trends in 2020 here’s a list of some popular orders:

Flat White: An espresso-based drink made with steamed milk and a thin layer of foam.

Buttered Coffee: Add a tablespoon of butter into your black coffee and ride that energy wave without a crash.

Ready-To-Drink Coffee: We’re talking bottled coffee you can find in convenience stores and grocery stores. The name says it all.

Cascara: Spanish word for “husks or peels” this coffee is in the business of using the dried skins of coffee cherries.

Coffee Cocktail: Same as how alcohol mixologists are masters of their craft, coffee barista experts like to mix their flavors up too. Don’t be surprised that the two things have now made a trendy mix.

Sweet Coffee Drinks: Coffee itself can be bitter, but creating a sweeter, caffeinated drink like Frappuccinos, coffee shakes, and smoothies is always a trend especially among younger people.

Nitro Coffee: Adding a little cold nitrogen to your coffee gives it a delicious foamy texture that’s continuing its 2019 trending debut in 2020.

Cold Brew: A decadent coffee process that takes half a day to steep and produces a rich, smooth, less bitter, less acidic, cold coffee.


We can meet your coffee needs with our popular beverage service. Our job is to make sure that vending machines, offices, and convenience stores are lined with your favorite ready-to-drink coffees. Keeping you informed about the delicious, trending coffees, you could be ordering at your local coffee shops is our pleasure. Trust in us and contact us to learn more about how you can take full advantage of the popular beverage service.