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Making Healthy Choices Convenient

Healthy Food ChoicesHealthy living is increasingly important in the modern zeitgeist, and vending machines in Pittsburgh, PA, are no exception. Through Cee Vee Vending, Inc., anyone can enjoy healthy snacking on the go. Convenience, after all, is one of the most important terms when it comes to marketing, and there are few things more convenient than a fully stocked vending machine that’s full of snack options that won’t blow up your budget or your stomach. You shouldn’t have to travel to a special grocery store or otherwise go out of your way to enjoy a snack that’s good for you, so keeping vending machines close by is the best option available.


Healthful Snacking At the Push of a Button

Vending machines are more typically known for supplying people with easy access to junk food and sugary drinks, but that’s very far from the only option! Many vending companies recognize that healthy lifestyles are not only popular, but becoming increasingly important for people who might otherwise struggle to stay in good health. People who want to safeguard themselves against obesity and other food-related problems shouldn’t have to struggle just to find something to snack on, and many vending businesses are working hard to help cover for the needs of these health-conscious individuals.

Advantages of Healthy Food Vending Services in the Workplace

Healthy Food Vending ServicesEating healthy is important at all times, but it can be a struggle to find food that’s good for you during a busy workday. Thankfully, food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA, such as Cee Vee Vending, Inc. make it easy to acquire healthy snack and meal options without compromising your work routine. There are a number of key advantages to having healthy vending options immediately available in the workplace, and the most important of them has to be increased productivity– employees work harder when they eat right, as appropriate caloric intake is a big part of what keeps people moving and motivated.


Promoting Wellness and Morale

In addition to helping to maintain productivity at a basic, biological level, having healthy food available at all times also helps to keeps employees motivated. Morale can be a struggle with modern, corporate culture, and having something that is both tasty and good for you immediately available can improve any day. The morale boost, combined with healthy food options, join to improve overall employee wellness over time. Stress is reduced, employees avoid unhealthy junk food, and everyone enjoys a notable boost to their energy.

Shop Carefully for High-Quality Coffee

Taste TestYour office’s coffee supply is no small matter. It keeps people working hard and provides the boost they need to deliver great results for the business. If you want to maximize its impact, though, it’s not enough to have whatever random options a vendor happened to drop off for you. Instead, you can get high-quality coffee in Pittsburgh, PA, by conducting a taste sampling.


Vendors that offer this service deliver better value for your money, because they ensure that the coffee you pay for actually goes to good use. During a sampling, team members can try a variety of freshly-brewed beverages and vote on their favorites. The winning flavors become the go-to options for your office, and personalized selection means more engagement from your employees.


Sampling can also help:

  • Make the Selection Process Fair
  • Expose Individuals to New Brews
  • Ensure the Best Results from Your Investment


Whether you want to boost productivity or encourage a positive work environment by providing the best possible coffee, a simple sampling can go a long way toward achieving your goals. Conduct them from time to time to try out new products and keep your selection up to date with changes to your workforce.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Brewing CoffeeA universally uniting part of the working experience for countless people around the world, a good cup of coffee creates a positive start to the day. Not every sip is sublime, however, and knowing how to craft the ideal blend for any situation can make the difference between a synergized office and a sleep center with cubicles. Check out these tips from an exceptional brewing service in Pittsburgh, PA, for a look at how great coffee comes to be:


Start with the Right Water — No matter what the process or the quality of your beans, your brew is only as good as the base behind it. Expensive beans won’t make up for bad water, so invest in a filter if you don’t have access to high-quality tap water.


Use the Correct Ratio — Coffee is a perfect and precarious balance between water and grounds. You want a blend that delivers bold flavor but isn’t so strong that it needs a gallon of creamer to make it down the hatch.


Brew for You — In many ways, the best brew depends on the person doing the drinking. Taste test many different blends and experiment with techniques to find results that you enjoy. Once you have a strong sense of what you want from your cup of Joe, it’s easier to fine-tune the experience for your taste buds.

Healthy Food Vending Services for the Office

Food Vending ServicesAmerican workers are more health-conscious than ever before. With conditions like obesity and diabetes on the rise and our increased medical knowledge, people today strive to think more carefully about what they eat and drink. However, while most people aim to eat well, it’s not always easy. That’s why food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA, are focusing more on nutritious dining options for employees.


Workers’ schedules are often chaotic and jam-packed, leaving little time to prepare wholesome meals or even leave the office for healthy dining elsewhere. It’s important for vending machines and micro-markets to offer a variety of food and drinks that these workers can quickly purchase and consume while on break or on the go.


While wholesome foods often demand refrigeration for safe storage, advances in technology have made refrigerated vending machines and micro-markets more affordable than ever before. That means you can diversify the offerings at your office while worrying less about food spoiling.


Furthermore, it’s in companies’ best interest to ensure their employees have easy access to healthy food options. Diet has a major influence on overall health, which in turn influences worker productivity. In the long-run, choosing healthy food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA, could improve both employee satisfaction and your bottom line.

The Right Brewer Makes All the Difference in Your Cup of Joe

When it comes to high-quality coffee in Pittsburgh, PA, it takes more than a great vendor to deliver the taste your office needs. For that, you need the right brewer, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you use premade cups or machines that grind to order, choosing equipment that matches your team’s needs is the first step toward a consistently great cup of joe every day.


Each office is unique, but choosing the best machine for yours doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are a few key factors to consider that help you narrow your choices and get the most for your money:


Vender Availability — The easiest way to keep great coffee in any workplace is to partner with a vendor. Unfortunately, that sometimes means working within that company’s available products. Even so, most major vendors offer plenty of variety.


Output and Demand — Like any investment, it’s worth looking at the overall need and impact that a coffee machine might have on your workplace. How many people drink coffee in the office? What flavors are most popular? Answering a few basic questions like these can help you gauge what kind of daily output you need to account for.


Convenience — Today’s coffee brewers are usually designed to be intuitive, but some still feature more complexity than others. While this might translate to more options for your caffeine fix, choosing something simple can lead to less time trying to decipher brewing processes in the break room.

Why Use Purified Water for your Coffee?

High-Quality Coffee Pittsburgh, PAThere’s a method for making coffee that is more than filling the brewer from the tap, pressing “on”, and waiting. That’s okay if you just want a caffeine jolt and don’t care about taste and flavor. But you should take one more simple step and use purified water for terrific coffee.


At Cee Vee Vending, Inc., we know a thing or two about great-tasting coffee, and we’re happy to tell why you should be using water that’s purified. Let’s look first at what purification means.


It’s a multi-step process that removes many potentially harmful and taste-robbing materials. You may think the water flowing from your tap is pure, but it’s not. It meets health requirements, but that doesn’t mean it’s not carrying elements such as chlorine from the treatment process and copper or perhaps even lead from your plumbing.


Purified water is free of any taste or taint, and it’s the key to high-quality coffee in Pittsburgh, PA. That means it brings out the robust flavor and richness of fine coffee beans. Drinking a cup of coffee made with pure water is like savoring a fine gourmet meal at an exclusive restaurant while having one made with regular tap water is like eating a hot dog on a city street corner.

Fitting Your Business with a Micro Market

Micro-MarketEven if your business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you likely have staff in and out of the building well before and after the typical workday. To accommodate their needs, you may well have a cafeteria to keep them well-fed and productive. However, it may not be possible to keep that cafeteria open before and after hours. To take care of your employees on a 24/7 basis, you can install a micro-market in Pittsburgh, PA.

It’s easy to get your own micro-market up and running. It’s as simple as one, two, three:

Electricity — You already have electricity in your building. To power the vending machines and scanners you might need to add a couple of three-pronged outlets.

Internet – The Internet is a necessity that empowers your business to connect with the world. Since you are plugged in for business, you also plugin for your micro-market. Being these markets have no employees on staff, you need scanners and the Internet to handle the credit and debit card transactions.

The Right Space – A small private space is needed. You might compare this to the space a small breakroom occupies. Privacy is important as you want this accessible to employees only – not the general public. What you need to put into place for a micro-market includes open shelves for snacks and sandwiches and a glass-front refrigerator for beverages.

Are Automated Convenience Stores the Future

Automated Convenience StoreWhat we can all look forward to in the future is change. Change in the way we live, work, and conduct our personal business. This applies to the way we shop for certain items, as well. Take, for example, the convenience of vending, either with a snack machine or in a micro-market. In these small spaces, the machines, instead of people, do all of the work. There is no person to check you in or out. You and the machines take care of that task.

This eventuality is actually a plan for Japan by 2025. There, a strongly declining birth rate has led to a lack of people in the labor market. Thus, the country is turning more and more to machines. With advances in radio frequency identification (RFID), it’s easy to tag items. And an obstacle has been removed, as RFID tags on food items can be put in a microwave. This is a great benefit in these convenience stores.

Imagine the future with an automated convenience store in Pittsburgh, PA. Just walk in to pick a drink, snack, or meal. With the way we live, such conveniences soon will become a necessity.

Bring a Micro Market to Your College Campus This Fall

CeeVee Vend Micro-Market With classes, jobs, and social activities, your students need to stay well-fueled. Help them feed their hunger and keep up their energy by contracting with a vendor in Pittsburgh, PA. Such a vendor, who is current with the trends, will have plenty of nutritious selections for your hungry students. Gone are the days when vending machines that contained candy bars and potato chips were the only options. Today, you can offer a wide range of healthy meals and snacks in a micro-market.


This concept is just like having a small food store on campus. Your vendor can set up a kiosk with open shelving filled with plenty of choices to make a meal or a snack. Fresh food is an important part of a micro-market. This may include sandwiches or wraps, as well as nuts, health bars, and beverages. Your vendor can guide you in making selections and you can track what items sell the best.


Also, talk with your vendor about the self-guided payment process. This means you don’t have to staff the micro-market, so it’s available to students when they need something to eat. It’s all about convenience, access, and availability, so your students have nutritious food on the go.