Bring a Micro Market to Your College Campus This Fall

CeeVee Vend Micro-Market With classes, jobs, and social activities, your students need to stay well-fueled. Help them feed their hunger and keep up their energy by contracting with a vendor in Pittsburgh, PA. Such a vendor, who is current with the trends, will have plenty of nutritious selections for your hungry students. Gone are the days when vending machines that contained candy bars and potato chips were the only options. Today, you can offer a wide range of healthy meals and snacks in a micro-market.


This concept is just like having a small food store on campus. Your vendor can set up a kiosk with open shelving filled with plenty of choices to make a meal or a snack. Fresh food is an important part of a micro-market. This may include sandwiches or wraps, as well as nuts, health bars, and beverages. Your vendor can guide you in making selections and you can track what items sell the best.


Also, talk with your vendor about the self-guided payment process. This means you don’t have to staff the micro-market, so it’s available to students when they need something to eat. It’s all about convenience, access, and availability, so your students have nutritious food on the go.