Are Automated Convenience Stores the Future

Automated Convenience StoreWhat we can all look forward to in the future is change. Change in the way we live, work, and conduct our personal business. This applies to the way we shop for certain items, as well. Take, for example, the convenience of vending, either with a snack machine or in a micro-market. In these small spaces, the machines, instead of people, do all of the work. There is no person to check you in or out. You and the machines take care of that task.

This eventuality is actually a plan for Japan by 2025. There, a strongly declining birth rate has led to a lack of people in the labor market. Thus, the country is turning more and more to machines. With advances in radio frequency identification (RFID), it’s easy to tag items. And an obstacle has been removed, as RFID tags on food items can be put in a microwave. This is a great benefit in these convenience stores.

Imagine the future with an automated convenience store in Pittsburgh, PA. Just walk in to pick a drink, snack, or meal. With the way we live, such conveniences soon will become a necessity.