Preparing Your Office Breakroom for Employees Returning to Work

Office BreakroomAs the business world starts to open up again, we can use certain strategies that put employee safety first when returning to work after the COVID-19 lockdown. There are common-sense practices that can easily be applied to an office environment. We all need to use what we know about the virus, and how it’s spread through contact and respiratory droplets, to help implement workplace practices. Adding a Pittsburgh commissary in your break room can help mitigate risk to employees while providing them with high-quality, delicious food that is available with less human contact.


Maintain Distancing


While we all should be practicing social distancing and trying to keep a 6-feet radius between ourselves in public places, the practice will be just as effective in the workplace. While some employers have the advantage of having lots of space, those who don’t can modify workspaces to maintain distances of 6 feet. If you implement a Pittsburgh commissary, large stickers on the floor will encourage employees to stay apart.


Create Barriers Where Possible


If office furniture cannot be moved to separate staff, then place barriers between desks as another solution. Large pieces of cardboard or wood between gaps can create a cubicle-like separation. Remember, when we were children and hung up a sheet between our siblings and us to get some privacy in our rooms? That skill set might come in handy to create a COVID-19 barrier between you and your co-workers.


Keep the Workplace Clean


In a Pittsburgh commissary, and everywhere on the worksite, having extra clean surfaces will be critically important to mitigating risk. Hand sanitizer and surface disinfecting wipes are essential to employees and should be provided in all high traffic areas.