Why Use Purified Water for your Coffee?

High-Quality Coffee Pittsburgh, PAThere’s a method for making coffee that is more than filling the brewer from the tap, pressing “on”, and waiting. That’s okay if you just want a caffeine jolt and don’t care about taste and flavor. But you should take one more simple step and use purified water for terrific coffee.


At Cee Vee Vending, Inc., we know a thing or two about great-tasting coffee, and we’re happy to tell why you should be using water that’s purified. Let’s look first at what purification means.


It’s a multi-step process that removes many potentially harmful and taste-robbing materials. You may think the water flowing from your tap is pure, but it’s not. It meets health requirements, but that doesn’t mean it’s not carrying elements such as chlorine from the treatment process and copper or perhaps even lead from your plumbing.


Purified water is free of any taste or taint, and it’s the key to high-quality coffee in Pittsburgh, PA. That means it brings out the robust flavor and richness of fine coffee beans. Drinking a cup of coffee made with pure water is like savoring a fine gourmet meal at an exclusive restaurant while having one made with regular tap water is like eating a hot dog on a city street corner.