Everything You Need to Know about Full-Service Vending

Man holding the coffee cup to beverage machineHungry employees are unhappy, unproductive employees. Ensure your worker can always get the fuel they need to keep busy by adding full-service vending to your business. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this convenient food and beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA, for your team.

With vending machines on-site, your employees never have to go far to find a filling breakfast, quick lunch, or afternoon snack. Furthermore, it never takes long either — all they have to do is make their selection, pay, and go.

The snack and drink options for vending are near limitless, ranging from pastries and sweets to fruit, sandwiches, and low-fat choices. You can consult with the supplier to determine what to carry based on employee input until there is something for everyone.

What businesses appreciate most about full-service vending is how convenient it is for management. With full-service vending, the supplier handles everything. The supplier purchases and stocks the food and drinks, they collect the cash, and they maintain the machine.

However, not every property qualifies for full-service vending. Why? Most suppliers expect a certain level of customer traffic. If the sales volume is not sufficient, the products may expire, costing the supplier money. To find out if full-service vending would do well at your business, talk to a vending company.

Find out how our vending food and beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA, benefits your employees with help from Cee Vee Vending. We provide full-service vending for offices and more.