Should You Use Vending Machines or a Market in Your Hotel?

Clean and modern hotel lobbyIf your hotel does not have snacks for sale, you may be missing out when it comes to two of the most critical factors for your success: opportunities for profit and solutions for guest satisfaction. After all, who wants to have to leave the building when the mid-day or late-night cravings set in? With today’s technology, you do not need to blow a ton of cash on expensive in-house restaurants or potentially dubious partnerships. Several options are quick, simple, and easy to manage, including:

  • Commissary Services
  • Micro Markets
  • Vending Devices

With the right company, you can supply a wide range of popular snack and beverage choices for your guests and enjoy the extra cash source with no need to employ additional staff or radically reorient your approach to business. All the while, you also improve the experience of staying at your hotel by making sure that light hunger never leads to less time spent enjoying your amenities.

The best part? You can customize the service you choose to suit your needs. Consider the space you have available, the kinds of guests who stay with you, and how much of an investment you want to make. Then, explore services that range from a fully stocked market area to a single vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA.

Own a hotel and considering a vending machine or market in Pittsburgh, PA? Contact Cee Vee Vending to see the best return on your investment.