Top 3 Beverages You Should Be Providing Employees

Woman using a modern vending machineThe little things often make a difference to great employees. One small but essential way to build tea morale and create a modern, enjoyable work environment is with a beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA. However, how do you know what to serve? Here are our top three choices when you want the best blend of enjoyment and engagement:

  • Coffee – Few beverages are as iconic or time-tested as the classic cup of Joe. This caffeine-packed and customizable option is sure to lend a fresh, vibrant buzz to any office. Also, a crowd pleaser is likely to be one of the biggest requests from your team.
  • Soda – For those that need their caffeine fix with a cool, crisp set of flavors to choose from, a soda machine is a perfect solution. Another popular choice in any environment, no beverage offering is complete without a little carbonation.
  • Health Options – From pure, cold water to sports drinks and fruit juice, having something healthy on the list of offerings creates an inclusive environment for anyone counting calories or cutting out caffeine. Also, the extra variety means that employees can keep enjoying your provided beverages without risking boredom.

Make the most of your beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA, by contacting Cee Vee Vending at (800) 826-3961. These three drinks are the best options to keep employees happy and productive.