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Lunch Break Options Offered by Vending Machines

A hand pushing a button on the vending machineIn a busy work environment, it is not always easy for employees to have a sit-down meal for their lunch. Some days are so crazy that they may not even have time for anything other than what is in the vending machine. To ensure your employees are adequately fueled throughout their day, offering exceptional vending services is critical.

When you are searching for local vending companies, Cee Vee Vending offers many different options for you to choose. All of our prepared food options are made with quality ingredients so you can ensure you are providing the food employees need to get their work done. Below are just some of the choices we offer.


Yes, our vending machines can hold a variety of satisfying sandwiches for your company. Our prepared food machines are refrigerated and regularly restocked to guarantee freshness with every bite. We also cater to a variety of different eating preferences, so if your team is full of vegetarians, we can provide suitable options for them.


Our vending services also provide many different salads to give a more low-carb friendly option. All of our salads are packaged for ultimate freshness so you can ensure quality food is offered for your company. We have many options to choose from, and we can change our menu as frequently as you need.



How to Choose an Office Coffee Service

African American businesswoman holding a cup of coffee and filesOn average, coffee drinkers consume about around 3 cups per day, making it an integral part of many people’s lives. As an employer, offering exceptional coffee solutions at your office can be a great way to improve productivity and employee morale. Below are a few tips on how to choose the best office coffee service.

Create a List

When looking to provide coffee for your employees, make a list of the products and qualities you are interested in. You want to ensure that the taste of the coffee is excellent and the brand is satisfactory across the majority of your employees. Ask people for suggestions on what they would like to see offered from a coffee service as well.

Ask for Samples

At Cee Vee Vending, we will provide a complimentary taste test survey to help you and your employees determine the quality of the coffee we offer. Our experts will use the data gathered at the survey to determine the best inventory that benefits you and your staff. It is important to taste test the coffee before you commit to a brand or service. The last thing you want is unhappy employees with unsatisfactory coffee.

For more information on our coffee and beverage service in Pittsburgh, PA, reach out to us today by calling (800) 826-3961. We will help you select the best options to provide for your team.

What You Need to Know about Commissary Prepared Foods

Commissary prepared foodsAt Cee Vee Vending, we are proud to offer you a variety of vending and food service options for your company. Our Pittsburgh commissary has been serving the area since 1997, and when combined with our micro market, it can provide outstanding food options for those who request our services.

By adding our services to your business, our commissary can prepare larger servings and healthy choices for you and your employees. We can cater to all of your employees and their eating habits, such as vegetarian and gluten-free. Whether you need breakfast, lunch, or dinner options, we can prepare a variety of meals to keep your staff full and satisfied.

You want to ensure you are choosing a commissary that is clean and up-to-date on all inspections. At Cee Vee Vending, the FDA and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture regularly inspect our Pittsburgh commissary so you can ensure all of our prepared foods are in strict accordance to food service procedures.

We offer food samples to those interested in utilizing our food services for their company. We have a variety of menus to choose from, and we can cater to employees with a range of dietary restrictions. Contact us today to schedule a sampling of our prepared foods by calling (800) 826-3961.

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How to Reduce Employee Frustration with Faulty Vending Machines

Happy employees equal a thriving business. If you already have a vending system in your office, you are one step closer to ensuring employee happiness and productivity. However, what do you do when faulty vending machines are causing your hungry workers frustration?

Many employees have limited breaks or limited time on their breaks. When someone wants a snack or beverage to help get him or her through that 3 PM slump, the last thing he or she wants is for a vending machine to eat up his or her dollar. Keeping your machines up to date is one way to avoid this problem. However, if your vending machines are outdated, your company may benefit from choosing a new company for the job.

At Cee Vee Vending, we offer exceptional vending services for hot and cold food and beverages. Whether you need an updated coffee station or a vending machine in Pittsburgh, PA, stocked with healthy options, we are the team to call.

We clearly label all of our Wise Choice options so employees can easily see the healthier snacks available. Our commissary also offers a variety of prepared breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, and so much more for your convenience. Keep employees happy on-site when you utilize the vending services from Cee Vee Vending.

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The Benefits of Quality Vending Machines in the Office

Adding vending machines to your office provide a variety of benefits. Though some benefits are apparent, such as the convenience of the machines, there are many other ways quality food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA, can benefit office life.

Improve Staff Satisfaction

By providing high-quality food and drink vending services to your building, your employees will ultimately be happier. Whether they are in need of a coffee break or need a quick snack to get through that pre-lunch meeting, they will be full and ready to get to work.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Vending machines are often associated with unhealthy chips, candy bars, and sodas. However, when you choose Cee Vee Vending, you will be selecting a vending option with a variety of healthy and satisfying meals and snacks. By offering healthier choices, your employees will be more inclined to purchase them.

Keep Staff Onsite

Instead of employees running over their lunch due to running out for food, quality vending services allows them to stay onsite and keep productivity and focus on point. A vending machine can be a great convenience, especially if the nearest fast food place is miles down the road.

Contact Cee Vee Vending today to learn more about our food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA. You can reach our team by calling (800) 826-3961.

Large professional kitchen

What is a Commissary?

A commissary is an established commercial kitchen where foodservice providers can prepare and store their food. Some commissaries cater to specific outlets, such as food trucks, and others rent out their kitchen space for additional income.

Commissaries are incredibly convenient, especially for smaller businesses or those looking to offer a micro market where there is not suitable cafeteria space. These kitchens allow chefs and foodservice companies to have the area they need to prepare their menu items correctly. The larger space also allows for more extensive and better equipment, so higher quality foods can be prepped.

At Cee Vee Vending, our Pittsburgh commissary produces high-quality food options for businesses throughout the tri-state area. We allow companies to offer micro markets, full-meal vending services, and so much more to their employees and guests. We prepare a large variety of items that will satisfy anyone’s food preference and help them stay energized throughout their workday.

We guarantee that you and your staff will enjoy all of the food options we bring to your business. If you are interested in testing our products for yourself, contact Cee Vee Vending at (800) 826-3961 to schedule a sampling. The FDA has inspected all of our products, and we are certified in food-safety to ensure you receive only the best quality food and drink.

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Welcome to Our Blog

Cee Vee Vending offers a food program that is unlike any other. We provide vending machines in Pittsburgh, PA, that are fully equipped to handle any of your needs. Our machines are very customer-friendly and can offer more than just soda and candy. Our machines are stocked full of hot and cold food and drink to help keep customers satisfied. Whether you are looking for an office coffee station or a total micro market, Cee Vee Vending has everything you need.

We are more than Just Vending

At Cee Vee Vending, we are dedicated to providing customers with adequate food and drink options to help get them through the day. Since 1981, we have been providing our services to those within the Pittsburgh, PA, community. Our micro markets and vending machines are suitable for education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail establishments. Our goal is to offer those businesses, their customers, and their employees, with high-quality food and drink options.

If you are interested in our vending machines in Pittsburgh, PA, contact our team at (800) 826-3961. We continue to exceed expectations in our mission to change the way affordable, quality food is provided. Trust our food specialists with your business’s food needs, and we will not disappoint!