The Effects of COVID-19 on Food Vendors

Food Vendors Pittsburgh, PAAs the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise across America, food safety has become more important than ever. Still, despite regulations requiring extra sanitization and care when handling food, the virus has certainly raised people’s suspicions about the food they’re eating. Nobody understands this better than we do as local food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA.


For food vendors, this is a particularly trying time. We’ve not only had to rethink how we operate as businesses, but we’ve also had to restructure our days to include extra sanitization and food prep time. Of course, it’s something any food vendor is happy to do to continue to serve people. Likewise, instead of setting up shop in public spaces, we’ve had to operate as takeout vendors and fully expand online ordering options.


For employees that make or package food regularly, they must keep hands and arms clean and follow cleaning procedures as directed by government entities. Likewise, any food prep stations are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, just as a precaution to avoid any potential spread, though there is no data to indicate that COVID-19 is transmitted via food. Still, we are doing what we can to mitigate any spread on our part.


Because business for food vendors has been greatly disrupted, we all depend on individual orders and repeat customers more than ever. The long-term effects are yet to be realized, but for the time being, food vendors across America and right here in Pittsburgh are committed to providing you with quality food you can count on.