Tips to Help You Choose Your Office Food Vendor

Food VendorWhen it comes to keeping your staff happy and productive, having well-stocked vending machines is critical. You don’t want popular beverages and snacks to run out, so it’s important to find and establish great partnerships with reliable food vendors in Pittsburgh, PA. However, due to the number of vendors out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one. As you decide on which vendor best meets your food vending needs, keep these things in mind:


Product Quality — A good vendor will have procedures in place to ensure that your orders are kept fresh and safe. While vetting food vendors, ask if you can tour their facility (if it’s local) or inquire as to what steps they take to maintain consistent product quality.


Try Before You Buy — Request samples of a vendor’s product offerings. This is especially important if you’re ordering fresh food options. You don’t want to find out that your vendor exaggerated about the tastiness of their snacks or beverages.


Service Quality — Timeliness with delivery is crucial. Look for vendors that offer flexible scheduling and priority delivery. An empty vending machine isn’t going to please your staff.


Once you establish a working relationship with a food vendor you trust, you’ll never have to worry about empty vending machines again.